2014+ GM Trucks L83, L86

Looking to add some punch to your late model GM Truck? We’ve got you covered. We’ve modified numerous trucks and SUVs over the years – most of which are daily drivers. Fortunately, these trucks share the same engine architecture as GMs performance cars like the Corvette and Camaro. This makes modding these trucks easier than ever. Below are some of the performance upgrades available for your Tahoe, Yukon, Sierra or Silverado:

Bolt On Parts

  • Cold Air Intake Upgrades, Ported Throttle Bodies, Aftermarket Intake Manifolds and other induction parts
  • Longtube Header, Y-pipe and Exhaust Upgrades from brands like ARH, Kooks, Corsa and more!
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Braking Upgrades
  • Bolt on custom tuning and data logging

Head/Camshaft Upgrade Truck Packages

One of the best ways to increase overall horsepower and torque output on your L83/L86 is to swap the factory camshaft and cylinder heads for high performance aftermarket options. While others may offer a smaller price tag on a job like this, NO ONE offers the total number of upgraded components that FLHP does. Below is a list of items we offer when upgrading your camshaft and cylinder heads on your GM truck:

  • CNC Ported OEM and Aftermarket Cylinder Heads from manufacturers like LME, FED, Katech and WCCH 
  • Camshafts from leading vendors such as BTR, Camotion, Comp, Katech, GPI and more
  • LME VVT delete Billet Timing Cover
  • C5R Timing Chain
  • Katech Oil Pump
  • Trunnion Upgrade Kit
  • Delco Genuine
  • Gaskets and Seals
  • ARP fasteners
  • Manton Series 3
  • Pushrods
  • Johnson and GMPP Performance Lifters
  • AFM Delete Kit
  • Cometic and OEM Head Gasket Options
  • Professional Installation and Dyno Tuning

Many shops will claim their price is cheaper, but you’re simply getting less. We make the process easy by REQUIRING specific components to make sure the job is done right and as reliable as possible. We ensure that PTV is adequate, pushrod length is correct, install height on the valve springs are correct and the valve train is set up to handle whatever the client intends to do with the car. Different components are available depending on vehicle use and driving style. Our belief is simple, there’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” in the performance business!

Because most truck owners are after greater low-end and mid-range torque for hauling and towing, Supercharging is extremely popular on these vehicles. FLHP offers a variety of bolt on Supercharger kits for L83 and L86 engines from Whipple and Magnuson Superchargers. Looking for more information regarding forced induction? Give us a call today and we would be happy to go over your options!