2015+ Corvette Z06 LT4

Like the Stingray, FLHP offers a HUGE variety of upgrades and components for your 2015 Z06 which comes equipped with the mighty Supercharged LT4. Performance packages include:

Bolt on LT4 Options:

  • Upper and Lower Supercharger Pulley Swaps
  • Heat Exchanger Cooling Upgrades
  • Exhaust Upgrades
  • Cold Air Intake Upgrades
  • Engine Cooling Upgrades
  • Custom Bolt on Dyno Tuning

Custom LT4 Head/Cam Swap Packages:

For those looking to take their Z06 to the next level, FLHP offers custom camshaft and cylinder heads kits specific to the LT4. Like the LT1 camshaft kits, the Z06 cam swap packages are packed with quality parts and upgrades. We offer a variety of positive displacement camshaft grinds specific to the LT4 blower. Typical gains seen at the rear wheels are upwards of 150 RWHP and RWTQ over stock!

Blower Upgrade Packages:

FLHP offers several upgrades over the factory LT4 blower, which is very limited as power output increases. Blower upgrades include:

  • Magnuson 2650 Blower Kits
  • Procharger F1a-94 Centrifugal Kits with Air-to-Water intercooling available
  • A&A and ECS Centrifugal Blower Kits

Please call or email us to discuss difference forced induction upgrades available for the LT4.